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Choco Hazelnut Bites

Bite-sized Nutella.

When I am really hungry, I tend to grab for whatever is most convenient. I love to make healthy, delicious and satisfying convenient. I never regret taking the time to prep snacks and treats that are filled with delicious and nourishing ingredients. I am a big snacker and always feel better, both physically and mentally, when I know I am giving my body fuel to satisfy my hunger and power through my day.

This mindful kind of snacking should be yummy! I love the combination of chocolate and hazelnut. What better way to treat my body and my soul than combining the two into bite-sized goodness. I will wait for that answer!

Bites are a wonderful way to pack in healthy fats, protein, fiber and carbs. I love to sweeten them with dates, which also pack in fiber and good carbs. I also love to add nut butter and protein. The flavor combinations are endless.




  1. Pit and soak dates.

  2. In a food processor, add dates and nut butter. Mix to a paste.

  3. Add in hazelnuts, collagen/protein and flour. Mix until nuts are broken down. I like to keep some larger pieces for texture.

  4. Roll into bites of desire size. I made 12.

  5. Crush 1/3 of chocolate bar and roll half the batch of bites in this crumble.

  6. Melt the rest of chocolate and dip in the remaining half of the bites. Top with flakey salt.

  7. Store in fridge and enjoy whenever!

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