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Green Matcha Pancakes

Happy St. Patty's day!

Who said you needed a green juice or smoothie to get your morning greens? You can pack all the greens into a stack of pancakes.

I grew up having green pancakes on St. Patrick's Day. Right after I collected the coins from my shoes, it was pancake o'clock. I could really use those quarters for parking and laundry! The pancakes were made with love by my mom. I am almost certain that they were not colored with matcha or spirulina. Out with the food dye and in with the natural, superfood-coloring!

I am all about a holiday that encourages people to eat green. Green pancakes, green smoothies, green tea, green veggies, the options are endless.

These pancakes are packed with protein and naturally sweet from the banana. The spottier the banana, the sweeter it is! The matcha in the protein powder combined with spirulina and pistachio butter make for a vibrant green pancake. Sneak in some spinach for more greens.





  1. Make flax egg, set aside.

  2. In a bowl, mash banana.

  3. Add in the protein powder, spirulina, nut butter and flax egg.

  4. If you are adding spinach, add the mix to blender along with almond milk and spinach. If you are skipping spinach, add the almond milk directly to the bowl and mix until powder is all incorporated.

  5. Heat up a skillet and lightly oil.

  6. Make your pancakes!

  7. Top with more pistachio ginseng butter, pistachios, kiwi and buckwheat

* You can also do 3 Tbsp regular protein powder and 1 Tbsp culinary matcha powder

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