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Chocolate Cherry Bliss Bites

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Grab-and-go treats for anytime of day.

No-bake treats are one of those things that you really can't mess up! I always start with dates and then add in whatever I am feeling. I've been obsessed with chocolate cherry recently. Cherries are super rich in antioxidants and are great post-workout for aiding in muscle recovery. Dried cherries are perfect for baked or no-baked treats. I add frozen cherries to my smoothies too!




  1. Pit and soak dates for at least 20 minutes.

  2. In a food processor, add dates and dried cherries. Blend to a paste.

  3. Add in seeds and protein powder, scrape edges as needed.

  4. Form into balls of desired size.

  5. Optional: roll in seeds and chocolate protein powder.

  6. Place in freezer for 5-10 minutes.

  7. Using a double boiler, melt chocolate.

  8. Remove balls from freezer and drizzle chocolate. Place back in freezer for 10 minutes.

  9. Store in refrigerator in airtight container.

*make 8-10 bites*

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